HPBD&IS 2021 Online Participation Guide(在线参会指南)
Release time: 2021-12-04

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This guide is a practical reference for the online participants of HPBD&IS 2021. It provides information on all conference-related aspects of network operations.

The conference of HPBD&IS 2021 will take place on December 5-7 2021 at 9:30am – 5:30pm Beijing Time.

本指南供2021国际高性能大数据暨智能系统会议(HPBD&IS 2021)线上参会者参考,提供与会议有关的网络操作相关信息。

HPBD&IS 2021会议将于北京时间2021年12月5-7日上午9:30至下午5:30举行。

Conferencing Tool会议工具

Zoom is used as the conferencing tool in HPBD&IS 2021. Panelists can share their webcam and computer screen with the audience. Also, online attendees can see each other through the camera. Therefore, computer with microphone, receiver and webcam is needed during the online conference.

Download Link: https://Zoom.us/download#client_4meeting. It is recommended to update to the latest version.

HPBD&IS 2021国际会议使用的视频会议平台软件是:Zoom



How to Join in如何加入

You will receive an email “Panelist for HPBD&IS 2021”. Click the link in this mail to join the conference.

您将收到 “Panelist for HPBD&IS 2021”邮件,点击邮件中的专属链接即可加入会议.


How to present如何演讲

When giving a presentation, you should turn on your microphone (click button 1), webcam (click button 2), and share your computer screen or specific application (click button 3). If the shared material contains audio, the option of “Share computer sound” should be selected after you shared your screen. The control panel is hidden at the top of the screen and can be seen by sliding your mouse. Click “More” and choose “Share computer sound”.



[Note]: For Oral speakers, the conference secretary will share your pre-recorded video. In this process, you can check whether there are any questions in the “Chat” area. Once the video sharing is over, you should turn on your microphone (click button 1), webcam (click button 2), and choose one question to answer or answer a live question.




How to ask questions如何提问

If you want to ask questions about the current report, please submit your question via “Chat” (click button 1). The conference chair or the speaker will select one of the questions to answer.


[Note]: Each Keynote speech or Invited talk has only about 5 minutes of Q & A, Oral presentation has 2 minutes of Q&A. Please understand that there is a limited number of questions for the Q&A session.




How to communicate如何交流

If you have any technical questions about the Zoom platform during use, contact the conference secretary “Technical Supportprivately via “Chat” (click button 1, then choose “Technical Support” and type the message).

如果您在使用Zoom会议平台期间有任何技术问题,请单独与会议秘书联系(单击按钮1,选择“Technical Support”,输入消息)。